Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cowboys and Redskins

Alright so you were expecting golf news? Well Tuesday night turned into a shootout but not between the Skins and Boys it called a shootout in golf when playing less than 18 holes and using a special format in this case "Shamble". It's not important what a shamble is just how the teams were comprised. There were 5 teams made up of a Pro (that's me), a celebrity, a local news media and a military person. Dave Feldman from Fox 5 sports, Keenan McCardle (wide receiver formerly of the Redskins and Capt. Scott an Airforce pilot who had 2 tours in Iraq and an 8 handicap which would make most tour pros pause and take notice. Our team played four holes finishing on #18 for the sake of the 30 or so patrons who were enjoying themselves in the VIP tent located right next to the green. There weren't too many highlites to recount except for the 3 minutes on tv last night when they(Dave Feldman) showed a few shots from our group and introduced me as his Pro and the D.O.G at Woodmore which was good!
Wednesday proved to be a 3 hour practice day while a huge pro-am was being contested so other then beating some balls and making small talk with some of the pros I met last year, this day was in the books. Can't wait to get this party started! Don't forget the Golf Channel.

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