Monday, June 1, 2009

Pro-Am Day

Starting a bit early today but not as early as my fellow staff members who most likely have been at Woodmore since 5:00 am. There is a Pro-Am today beginning at 10:00 am with approximately 80 golfers(mostly sponsor related people) and one Pro for each of the twenty teams. For the pros it's also used as a practice round as most of these guys are seeing this course for the first time. After the tournament we have a junior clinic from4-6:00 pm. where a few of the "name" players and some of our local pros will do a little instruction for about 60-80 kids. For most of these juniors this will mark the first time they have ever seen a golf club so this will require a bit more patience and safety measures.
I found the Golf Channel's live telecast schedule beginning on Thursday and Friday at 1:00 pm so set your dvr's! The golf course has never looked better which was echoed by a couple of the PGA tour officials I played with on Sunday night, Tommy Sheridan and Tom Hearn who birdied two of the first four holes and picked up a bunch of "skins" a.k.a. cash...These guys are on the road about 30 some weeks every year and see all kinds of courses but still think we have one of the best out there, that's a huge compliment for us and also our golf course superintendent Brandon Collins. If you have an opportunity to watch any of this you won't be disappointed and hopefully you'll have a chance to me making a few birdies! Stay tuned, DL

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cdcteammate said...

We're looking for a performance reminiscent to Dye Fore this year. Let me know if you're around tomorrow, I got invited to the ProAm with Emcor. Good luck amigo!!

Go Team Brugal!!