Friday, August 1, 2008

Countdown begins

Golf enthusiasts, welcome to my first official PGA blog. Since you've made it this far then I'll assume you are interested in all the juicy details that go on behind the scenes of a Major. I do solemnly swear to keep posting through the good times and...not so good. To give a quick update on happenings, caddying for me will be Bryan Koslosky, not Ronnie Lagana who's decided in our best interest to watch from the other side of the ropes. Bryan has been a friend whom I got to know within the PGA while he was working at Crofton C.C. a few years ago. He now resides in Oregon after living in Huntington Beach, CA the previous 4 or 5 years.
Schedule of events is practice rounds Mon.-Wed. followed by range time on the things that we didn't like about the round itself. Oh yeah and plenty of putting. We are staying at the Hotel Baronette in Novi which is about 15 miles from the golf course, spa included...Stay tuned for the next update on Sunday. DL


saraheric said...

Good luck Dave! Can you say break a leg in golf?

Sarah & Eric

Lucy said...

Wisconsin is cheering you on! We love ya man!
Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pat

The Waz said...

Hey Pro! Your Team Brugal boys are with you man!! Go get em!!

lisatee said...

Scott and I are cheering for you! Have fun!

Writer said...

Sue and I will be pulling for you all the way! We'll be up in the High Sierras, where they don't have Golf Channel, so we'll be tracking your success on your blog and the PGA website. Go get 'em!
Charlie Heller

Keith said...

Dave: Your support is spreading. Lori Russo has put the word out and it has made it at least as far Dallas, Texas. I hope you post 67 times during the first round, exactly matching the total on your card. Keith Hall