Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teaser Post...Practice Rd. #2

Ok, so everyone who enjoys golf must have seen or heard of the movie Tin Cup right? The scene where Cheech Marin and Kevin Costner are at the practice range before playing in the big tournament with all the big names already hitting balls, remember? That's exactly the first thing that hit me squeezing between Bob Tway and Ruiji Imada (sp.) sorry but his bag was tilted the wrong way and he didn't appear to speak english that well so I couldn't ask him to spin it around :). Back up a few minutes and breakfast was with all the boys and Sheri...Justin Leaonard, Scott Verplank (who I shoved out of the way to toast my english muffin for Pete's sake, Steve Stricker who ate with Rod Pampling and so on. No locker room drama just a Davis Love III sighting and David Toms in the boys room but I digress...The spectators were in full force on Tuesday morning as Kenny Perry and I strode up the hill with autograph seekers lining both sides. Fortunately he took most of the rush (go figure!?) and got sloppy seconds. Oh yea and Phil was lurking...stay tuned gotta go eat with the board member from Oakland Hills. I'll be back later.


Saint said...

We need to hear more details about Phil! Don't worry, I gave Ronnie some pink Pinnacles and suntan lotion to go with the shoes you left behind (again!). Let's keep everything the same... I expect a top 10 finish! Goodluck and go long!

Brian & Emily

Saint said...

So... we've been sitting here working on this brain teaser (obviously, notice the difference in time from our 1st comment)... did you play with Phil today?

Go Long!
Brian & Emily

Mark said...

You can't do this to us Long! We need information... I'm here in the trenches man and you leave me hangin'! Hope the day went well, and can't wait for the second installment from today. Go Long!

Kreck said...

Dave, Thanks for the up-dates. Relax and enjoy the experience. Remember the words of Arnold Palmer "Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. it is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented." Have fun and play "The Greatest Game" well.

PM said...

Love the insights, keep them coming. Looking forward to watching you on Thursday and looking for travelers, trying to get Doc on a roadtrip. What do you think about your pairing? First off in the afternoon off #1, SWEET!! I hear JJ is a really good guy. Have you met him? Nicholas Thompson is having a great year with 4 to 10's. You have got to be pumped. Go get 'em, "hit it, hunt it, hole it" as a good friend used to say. You'll do great. keep the info flowing, relax, little Maker's, have fun.