Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pregame warmup-Thursday

Betcha didn't expect this early edition? Yeah not ready to do anything just yet so I thought I would give a few shout outs before this whole thing is over...but it really won't be over not as long as I have anything to do with it, hmmmm. So without further delay, the man responsible for me looking my best Mr. George Clayton (a.k.a Onetime) as his business states. I have received too many compliments to count on the slacks Monday-Wednesday and today's will be the navy blue pair with a white pin stripe and topped off with a Callaway Golf white shirt. Of course the shoes are FJ tour classics that have a navy blue and red saddle with a white base. Hope the cameras find me! Got to thank the Donnelly family for getting me a practice round last month. For those who don't know, Tim and Dennis are members at Woodmore and their cousin Terry is a member at Oakland Hills who gave great insight on the course that day.
I have to mention Chris and Cathy Doerrer who made the trek from Kohler, Wisconsin to be here and take Sheri off my hands Wednesday as they played the TPC Michigan course (27 holes). I want to mention I have 10 family members that arrived last night eager to see what the heck Uncle Dave is up to here in Bloomfield Hills. Not sure mom has a grasp on the situation here but that will soon change when she sees the "patrons" as they say in Augusta.
Alrighty then it's time to suit up cya on the links! Fairways and greens!


Saint said...


kt said...

All we gotta say is Dark Blue Squares :-) GO LONG!!

Kelly, Brian, and Mark

Lucy said...

Hey, I want a fashion slide show. Your duds sound fantastic! Seriously, I'd like to see you in your PGA practice clothes AND your competition combinations. You are Mr. Class!
Uncle Pat says, "Keep your head down" and enjoy yourself!
Aunt lucy