Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teaser Post ...part deux!

Soooo...did i mention riding down a floor with Chris Dimarco and his son in the elevator this morning? Anyway Cheech, I mean Bryan liberated a few iX Callaway balls from the range...j/k and as we made our way through the autograph gauntlet we turned left to roll a few putts on the 9th green of the North course. The North course is being used to supplement the need of a driving range and practice green so there you have it. We stroll up and there holding court on one of those portable seats is none other then Butch Harmon. For those of you in the know, he is Phil Mick's swing coach and standing there is Phil testing some new putters. Minding my own business I continued my practice while slowly changing holes to get a closer look, say 30 feet away. All of a sudden out of no where comes Anthony Kim. They begin a retort that makes mention of $5 bills vs. $20 bills at certain kinds of establishments and ends with a practice round pairing of those two plus Rory Sabbatini. In the meantime Team Long needed to make arrangements to get a round in and time was ticking. No tee times here only first come first serve. I ended up with Vaughn Taylor and Rory somehow because Anthony became restless waiting and jumped up which made me think Phil was going to join us...not to be. Vaughn was self absorbed and Sabbatini was a riot. After bombing my tee shot on the first hole he asked what my last name was, in actuality he hit it 2 yards by mine. That was the last time he got me! (chest is now sticking out). Vaughn by PGA standards is a bit less then average in length and usually hit first. Nothing to dramatic through nine holes except for the 9th hole which played 261 yards today with a slight L-R breeze. Taylor hit his powder puff somewhere and Rory pretended to hit his 2 hybrid farther then humanly possible (short). I quickly pulled my 3-wood and went through my routine and just before I could pull the trigger Rory in a low voice but loud enough for the hundred or so spectators to hear says,"that's a very pretty shaft, do they make that for men?" Now anybody that knows me knows I love a challenge on the golf course so I replied while still over my shot that he should "play nice". the 3-wood will land on the front of the green only 25 feet below the pin, perfect he would admit .
The back nine Bryan and I had to ourselves as they were intimidated and promptly left to go back to the range, or so I imagined...The driver is slowly getting in play more and the putts are getting closer but not happy with direction yet and will grind more on Wed. More to come tomorrow-DL


Michael said...

You must be beside yourself. You mention autographs- go for it my man and sign away. Remember what Richard Petty said-"If the seeker goes thru all the trouble to ask for an autograph they should at least be able to read it."
Enjoy, Enjoy!! My best to Sheri.

Chipshot442 said...

Dave, this is your time my brother. Score well, make the cut, and your the man. I am pulling for you. Make us proud. Looking forward to more of your good times.
Take Care,
Big Al Guaragna

Mark said...

Cool stuff! Did Rory run ahead of you and hit shots? Just kidding... Tell Phil that his game has gone downhill since he left Titleist; I'm sure he won't mind. Hit it great today and can't wait until the next installment!

Blank said...

I just signed you to my fantasy golf team for $6 million. No joke. It was cool to see your name in lights, so to speak. They didn't have a picture of you....YET! But I know they will, particularly after they see your play.
Your playing solid golf Dave. Second round of the Nationwide event...strong. Than,Reynolds Plantation...stronger....you have the momentum. Now go execute!

Dan Blankenburg

bossgra said...

dave, I almost feel like I'm there with you. good luck from all us high handicappers at the club. gary a