Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday at the Majors

Sorry I'm getting a late start to this but we had to wait for those dang courtesy cars! They pull out a Buick (PGA sponser alert) Enclave otherwise known as a hybrid which had a grand total of 7 miles on it...I mean excuse me?? How am I supposed to live like this? Any way they give me two sets of keys, yeah like Sheri's gonna drive, and we're off to the hotel. BTW, I met Tommy Armour III at the transportation desk waiting impatiently for someone to "chew out" for not having his keys readily available. As he's fidgeting around along comes another potential golfer whom T. A. asks if he's there to get his car or "are you a player?" I'm trying not to notice and grab our 5 bags (where is sheri?) and head out to our vehicle. I must admit that Sheri has been my biggest supporter through all of this dating back to Georgia where she walked all four agonizing rounds.
Dinner was, where else, Famous Dave's for some baby back ribs and a few cold ones. Oh yeah I had an opportunity back at the airport to plug the 20 PGA club pros to a member of the CBS team so after mentioning my name he said we'll see you on Saturday...I hope so stay tuned


Lucy said...

Isn't there a saying something like, "Behind every successful man is a woman."? Go Sheri!!!

Nice to hear you ate at Famous Dave's. Dave is from near us here in norther Wisconsin and is quite a generous man.

I love your storytelling style. Keep up the blog and in 10 years you can gather them up and have a ready-made book!!!

Go Dave!
Aunt Lucyh

Chuck said...

Dave, the Casa (Team Brugal) contingent is pulling for you and Sherri. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you on the weekend.


Mark said...

Gooooooooo Loooooooooooooong!
All of Team Golf Shop is pulling for you - get out there and have some fun! Don't forget to throw some range balls in your bag!
By the way - is it okay if I take the rest of the week off...:)
Go get em!
Russo & Friends

Lori said...

Hey, Dave! Glad to see you've kept up with the blog. We're all waiting anxiously for the next post! Good luck, and be sure to treat Sheri well. :)
Love you both,
Lori Russo